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SMB = String Combiner Box + Monitoring PCB board

String Monitoring Box or SMB, is an advanced version of String Combiner Box (SCB) wherein PCB/Monitoring board is integrated into the SCB thereby fulfilling two purposes

  • Collation of multiple strings of solar PV modules & give a single main output to inverters
  • Monitoring various parameters such as electrical parameters of input strings, temperature, fuse status, SPD status, Disconnector switch status. and so on

The SMB house many components such as a Fuses, Disconnector switch, surge protection device, cables, busbar, & PCB (being the heart of the box).

Solaris offers a wide range of string combiner solutions to cater the needs of residential, commercial and utility-scale projects i.e from 600 V DC to 1500 V DC designs.

Solaris combiner box is available in various customizable configurations, designed & built with top quality components & workmanship at our ISO 9001 factory (In process) and comply with IEC & UL standards.

Strict engineering design rules & our world class manufacturing facility helps is building a high quality product with unmatched level of reliability at a competitive price thereby ensuring a long product life in challenging environmental conditions.

Key Features – SMB

Up to 24 Input Strings (Configurable) 600 V DC to 1500 V DC
String level monitoring
Voltage Measurement (0 to 1000 V DC) Current Measurement (0 to 24 A) (Shunt Based)
Temperature measurements (PCB, Enclosure & Ambient) Over-voltage protection status
DC disconnector switch status SPD status
Isolation(Solar Radiation) measurement Auto self-calibration, Auto addressing, Auto configuration
Communication architecture eliminates the need of a 230 V AC power cable at SMB level. Instead an individual cable carries 24 V DC along with communication signals to the SMB’s connected in daisy chain loop.
Max. permissible daisy chain loop length- 1000 m (Without repeaters)
FRP or PC enclosures ≥ IP 65, NEMA 4x enclosures
Touch safe fuse holders Pressure equalization vents/Breathers
Surge protection device DC disconnector switch
Available with MC4 or Glands Protection cover for live contacts
FRP or PC enclosures Operating temperature: (-25°C) – (+85°C), ±0.5°C
Unique serial no. for every product 100% factory tested product (HV test, IR test, Functionality test)
5 years warranty Complies with UL & IEC standards

String Monitoring Box – 8 INPUT

String Monitoring Box 8 Input

String Monitoring Box – 16 INPUT

String Monitoring Box 16 input

String Monitoring Box – 24 INPUT

String Monitoring Box 24 input

Technical Specifications

String Monitoring Box Solaris Robotina

Solaris String Monitoring Box specs

SMB System Architecture

1000 V DC – Robotina Product

String Monitoring Box Solaris System Architecture