Solar Street Lights


Solar Street Lights Economical and Cost Efficient

Solar street light can be recognized as version 2 of the existing conventional lighting. They follow a 2 way approach:

  • Use a battery bank to store solar energy
  • Secondly, to use a high efficient lighting like LEDs

Universal Application

Whether you need lighting solution for factory compounds, warehouses, housing societies, college and university campuses etc, Solaris has a perfect fit for you.


For conventional street lights, the majority of cost involved comes from installation of transmission wiring. Where as for solar street lights, that cost would be half compared to that of conventional lighting. Solar street lights offer a very cost efficient and economical solution.


Solar street lights when designed and installed properly can run for 365 days a year and can continue to do so for at least 10 more years, before they need a battery replacement or any major overhauling.