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Remote Monitoring Solution (RMS)

Solaris’s remote monitoring solution (RMS) is a comprehensive suite of hardware, software & services that help businesses to improve their operational efficiency and savings by performing an intelligent, accurate, real time, equipment/string level, advanced monitoring of solar PV plants.

It works on the principle of MAC i.e. Measure, Analyze, & Cloud. It brings a meaningful data-rich experience that every customer enjoys on their laptops and mobiles. It enables users to centrally track, monitor and manage energy production, troubleshoot, and monitor health of their solar PV systems that are setup in different locations; ensuring operational consistency, system efficiency, predictable energy generation, and profitability from their solar assets.

They will have a detailed visibility into the site operations at regular time intervals which will allow customers to make informed decisions related to capex, opex, equipment performance, power quality and more. Energy managers can use this as a diagnostic tool for different failure modes as well. Thus failures can be detected at an early stage and can be resolved quickly by sending in the right person to resolve the issue.

Benefits for Operators / EPC / Project Developers

  • Single platform for central monitoring
  • Reduced down time
  • Reduced losses
  • Reduced O & M expense
  • Increased energy yield
  • Higher revenue generation
  • Reliable operation under demanding conditions

Key Features – MAC


  • 24 X 7 real time monitoring of entire solar PV plant
  • SMB, Inverters, Transformers, Energy meter, WMS,LT,HT
  • High precision measurement technology
  • Data collection at shorter intervals
  • Robust hardware and software platform
  • Independent of equipments type and make
  • Customizable & scalable as per your requirement
Scada Measure


  • Energy time plots (day, month, year), Ambient data, Alarm & events, Video surveillance
  • Historical data
  • Reporting (Daily, weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
  • Energy Forecasting & Scheduling
Scada Analyze


  • Local & Remote monitoring
Scada Cloud

Technical Specifications


Scada Layout


Scada Hardware


Scada Software

Standard RMS Layout

Scada Architecture