About UsOur Philosophy

Solaris Power located in UdyogVihar Gurgaon Haryana is a leading organisation in the field of manufacturing and installation of String Combiner and String Monitoring boxes for the solar industry. Our team of qualified engineers and managers has a combined experience of over 50 years and 250 MW delivery to date with a 100% success rate of both technology and commissioning.

The company has developed Solar PV Plant SCADA software solutions specifically for Solar PV plants. Solaris’s team of engineers and technicians can customize our hardware and software to suit the requirements of each plant and commission each plant following installation. We have our own range of next generation PCB a first in the world.

The company also delivers EPC projects in terms of design to final commissioning for commercial rooftops. This is backed up by O & M of Utility scale solar power plants.

We through experience and technology have delivered significant measurable improvements to running solar farms and have delivered best in class product, technology and solutions to New Projects. Training services, technical support is part of our offering to our clients. Our modern manufacturing facility has traceability of all materials and is run with TQM systems to ensure quality and right first time. The testing of all products is beyond the normal requirements to ensure our guarantees and warranties are easily met. Where needed external standard certification through testing for example IEC are taken on our products.

We at Solaris take innovation of our products and services as the most important service for our clients, the company values the importance of reducing cost while increasing capability through continuously innovating.

Apart from our own products our Technology partner includes RobotinaSlv, and our sourcing partners include Ferraz-Mersen, Allied USA, CITEL, Telergon, Lapp cable for Key components.

Respect for the planet

Following Eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Exceed expectations

Anticipating and delivering customers we serve.

Commitment to quality

Delivering world class, reliable products to stand the test of time.

There is always a better way

Finding better ways of doing things , everyday.

Challenging Goals

Aiming high and working together.

Constant innovation

Innovation is anything, but business as usual.

Enriching lives

Creating jobs, developing people , and contributing to society.

Safest & most responsible way of powering plants

Safety is our no. 1 priority-for our employees and our customers.